Scot Received formal training in Music Education and Composition at Berklee college of Music, pantomime training with Kenyon Martin’s National Mime Theatre, Master Mime Tony Montanaro and the legendary Marcel Marceau . Scot also studied acting with the Lyric Stage of Boston. Scot has worked as a director, producer and consultant for college and theatre presentations. He has also appeared on several television programs. Experience from twelve years of teaching music at the junior high school level has given Scot the awareness and insight into “what makes young people tick”. His combined training and talent have culminated in meaningful programs for school children at all levels which inspire positive action and self-esteem. Scot Cannon is a versatile composer, author, director, producer, actor, mime, musician and teacher with original and captivating, heartwarming performances.

Scot’s work with self-esteem issues comes as a natural outgrowth of his years of teaching and entertaining. Empathetic with youngsters and sympathetic with their parents, he is a foster-adoptive parent himself.

Scot has found that sharing his own speech problems and struggle to be accepted strikes a universal chord in his audiences and results in programs that speak to both minds and hearts.