The Shows

” BOB” – Scot’s roving silent character

Scot’s silent character BOB can show up on the streets of your hometown with little notice or fanfare. He may be standing next to you… right now. He could be any one you see on the street. BOB could be washing windows, sweeping, pruning or just keeping the streets a safe place for everyone. BOB […]

The Next Step (grade 8 & high school)

The Next Step is a pantomime musical for Junior High, High School, and College Audiences. It is the story of a high school student about to make decisions he feels will influence the rest of his life. Will Scot pass his audition and go to music school, work for his father’s business or quit school and play with his band?

We Can (middle school)

For general school audiences. Before attitude is a problem Before peer pressure is a problem Before alcohol & drugs are a problem SELF ESTEEM IS THE ANSWER.

Songwriting Residency Grades K-HS

Scot creates, rehearses and records songs with students to produce a CD in this multi day residency. The songs are also made into MP3’s to upload to the schools website. Please check the the following slide show, video and sample songs. Scot’s Maine Arts Commission Teaching Artist Page New Residency article

Preserving Our Planet (K-6)

Are children concerned about our troubled environment? With audience participation thoughout, Scot offers encouragement and a sense that children have the power to make a difference in their environment.

The Gift Inside (K-6)

The Gift Inside is a pantomime and music presentation about a boy who could not talk, only a voice deep inside that would sing. He worked so hard to try and find his voice that he fell asleep for ten years.

We Care (K-6)

We Care is a mime & music presentation for elementary school audiences. Scot begins in make up and brings the audience through a series of fast paced skits. On the surface it seems like just another wonderful time for everyone.

Open The Door (K-6)

OPEN THE DOOR is a 45 to 50 minute stage presentation using pantomime, music and audience participation to look at the subject of bullying, cyber bullying, anger, tolerance and what to do when you are having a bad day.