“In a changing world, Scot Cannon’s program (Open The Door) is more necessary than most of us would like to acknowledge. His program was not only entertaining, but also extremely valuable in helping children learn to build positive relationships. Two thumbs up!”
Constance Evelyn, Administrative Intern and Stephen J. Orcutt, Principal, Vernon Verona Sherrill Central School, Verona, New York 

“(Open The Door) The way (Scot) implemented students into his act was brilliant! With just 30 minutes of coaching they looked like pros up on the stage. (They also looked thrilled to be there.) Scot got his message across effectively and with a lot of fun. ”
Cathy Leanard Heathbrook School Tewksbury, MA

“(Open the Door) Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I was with Scot Cannon’s performance last week at P.S. 193. The children were mesmerized by his mime and song. Even the most difficult students were eagerly participating in the program. Scot seemed to easily control the audience and maintain their attention and interest though out the show…Scot’s presentation was certainly appropriate in a time when so many children are feeling anger and frustration. ”
Carmela Aiese Culture rep P.S 193 Brooklyn, NY

“Thank you again for all that you do and have done for the Civil Rights Team Project of Maine. Our goal is a simple one. We want every single student to be able to attend school and get an education in an environment where they feel safe, valued, welcome and respected for who they are without exception. Your work advances us towards that goal. ”
Tom Harnett, Maine Attorney General’s office

“(We Care) Scot was the most entertaining performer we have ever had. I have never seen the children so enthralled with a show. When Scot tells the audience about his own battle with stuttering, and what he had to endure, and how far he has come in spite of it. He has them in his grasp and they never leave. ”
Carla Kendall, Ryerson school, Wayne, NJ.

“All students in grades one through six were treated to his delightful, energizing, uplifting (We Care) program. Above all, he reinforced, in his own unique way, the values we espouse. Scot Cannon tailors his program to be age-appropriate. In so doing, his message of love for all of humanity is received by those who are privileged to be part of his audience. It is without reservation that we recommend, but most importantly thank, Scot Cannon for the contribution of self he made while appearing at Sacred Heart Elementary School. ”
Sister Jean Morris, principal, Sacred Heart Elementary School, Kingston, MA

“It was so wonderful to see them so excited and to hear them talking about and repeating what you taught them about conflict resolution, handling anger and being a friend.  You made a big impact on a lot of kids today.  Thank you so much for that!”
Marguerite Sequin, Kennelly School, Hartford, CT. Third Grade, Room 224

(The Gift Inside – my holiday show) The glove Ann refers to is the glove I find dropped by the homeless family I meet in the show. I ask the kids to keep it to remind them of those less fortunate.

“Hi Scot,
  First off, THANK YOU for spreading such a wonderful message that is SOOOOO needed in this world that we live in. It is a message that truly is how I believe and try to live my life. I want you to know that my students (4th graders) were singing your praise the remainder of the afternooon. I have a student in my room whom is considered a bully(both verbal and physical) came up to me and said “Ms Bates,that was the BEST show we’ve ever had at Clinton”. I told him I agreed and he went out the door this afternoon saying “I’ve got my glove on Ms. Bates!!!” What a blessing you are. Thank you again!!!
p.s. You should warn the adults that they should bring tissues.”
Ann Bates, 4th grade, Clinton Elementary, Clinton, Maine.

“The Gift Inside” “…a heartfelt holiday commentary non-religious, non-commercial, but full of the Irw spirit of giving of one’s self.”
~Janet Frye, Memorial School, Milford, MA

“Mr. Cannon’s talents as a mime, musician and educator combined to bring our audience a delightful mix of whimsy, insight, and participation as we traveled into his world of quest and discovery. It is rare to find a mime who has something to say; we listened intently.”
~Robert Kotta, Curator of Education, The Kendall Whaling Museum, Sharon, MA

“Scot delivered a high caliber performance to hundreds of parents and kids during the Festival. Not only is he funny and entertaining but he also presents a strong message about accepting people who may be different. He is inspirational…”
~Julie Mason, Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association, Carver, MA

“We Can” “In my fourteen years of working with adolescents, never have I seen such a marvelous presentation … Scot captures the essence of growing up in a performance that makes it so real, the kids can relate. His sensitivity and obvious knowledge of the age group was very apparent. Many students have spoken of your performance and were really touched.”
~Paul DuCott, LCSW, Adjustment Counselor, Galvin Middle School, Canton, MA

“We wanted an entertainer that would amuse both the adults and the children, and Scot fit the bill perfectly … He was delightful, funny and thoughtful. His final touch to remove his makeup and thank the children was absolutely wonderful, and highly appreciated.”
~Kathleen Harrington, Account Executive, Lashley & Company, Boston, MA

“Scot’s dedication as a performer-teacher clearly showed through when he came out into the audience after his mime performance and spoke with the students about what they had seen. He wanted to make sure that they left with the messages he had intended to portray. It was a touch of genius from an educator’s point of view. Scot had done `closure’ on his lesson. The faculty commented on what a unique touch that was to the assembly program.”
~John Lovering, Coordinator, Triton Regional School, Byfield, MA

“We had no way of knowing when 1,000 expected little ones would choose to come through or how to accomplish entertaining them. Scot handled it all fantastically; as guests filled the hall he had an ongoing theme which they could get involved with at any time. Above and beyond the call of duty, ”
~Edie Nichols, Rent An Event Services, New Bedford, MA

“Students who were marginally interested in school, if at all, suddenly found a reason to be excited … Scot was able to make them feel good by identifying the trials of adolescence in an artistic and fun way. Any youth program which has a chance to work with Scot would be mistaken not to take the opportunity.”
~Jon Sass, Student Support Staff, Lynch Junior High, Holyoke, MA

“Scot was simply stunning! Our audience ranged in age from 5 years to 60 years and all loved the show. It was really wonderful to see all participating…”
~Jill Streck, Runkle School, Brookline, MA

“The Next Step” “Both the staff and the students thoroughly enjoyed your re-enactment of your career decision on life after high school. Many of the students for which you performed are facing that similar decision, and I feel that finding out that their feelings are not isolated, but are universal to all allows them (to) understand themselves in a more realistic manner.”
~Mary A. Mushok, Ed.D, Principal, Bridge Academy, Springfield, MA

“Open the Door” “Scot is a positive role model for kids who struggle with conflict resolution. He is both a talented and skillful performer as well as a dedicated educator.”
~J. Chris Moore, Executive Director, Springfield Arts Council, Springfield, OH

“The production effectively dealt with current student issues, and many of them were able to personally relate to the issues confronting the main character. An outstanding job of helping students ti realize they do have choices, and that they should and can make the choice that is in their best interest”
~Mathilda Alexander, Coord., Camden Cnty Voc &Tech. Schools, Pennsauken, NJ

” Open the Door” was an extremely valuable learning experience for all students. The performance was of the highest artistic standards, and the educational benefits were extraordinary.”
~Roberta Rivet, Principal, E. C. Brooks School, New Bedford, MA

“The Next Step was probably the most successful assembly we have ever had. It was entertaining, moving, and highly motivating. Great job!”
~John McEwan, Program Coord., Silver Lake Reg.H.S., Pembroke/Kingston, MA

“…clearly the finest performance of it’s kind that I have witnessed in my 27 years as a middle school educator … he is a talented teacher with the gift to relate important values to youngsters in a manner that they can understand and relate to.”
~John E. Hagerty, Qualters Middle School, Mansfield, MA

“We Care” “Scot was given superior ratings by our teaching staff for his professionalism, ability to communicate with his audience, response of the children to the performance, appropriateness of the performance to the age level, level of creativity and educational value of the performance.”
~Ms. Richard, Principal, Hammer Elementary School, Wethersfield, CT

“His timely performance set a tone for thought, and many meaningful post-performance discussions in our classrooms.”
~Brian Rogan, Kennedy School, Brockton, MA

“Scot’s underlying message of being sensitive to the needs of others, caring, and building self-esteem were clearly delineated in his wonderful performance.”
~Frank Dunbar, Principal, Goddard School, Brockton, MA

“Scot made everyone go “inside” themselves to find the meaning of the holidays. He was responsible for our first graders giving of themselves to earn money so that they could give presents to children not as fortunate as they.”
~Helen Bragdon, Dame School, Medford, MA

“…students came away with the message of how important it is to care about ourselves and those around us…”
~Richard Sanderson, Principal, Northwest School, Leominster, MA

“Classics With a Twist” “He sang songs from his song book, read poems from his collections and performed stories which had the children and their parents totally engrossed. Scot created a memorable experience for the parents and their children.”
~June Kingston, President Union 61 Teachers’ Association, MA