Open The Door (K-6)

A bullying education and conflict resolution primer for elementary and middle schools.

OPEN THE DOOR is a 45 to 50 minute stage presentation using pantomime, music and audience participation to look at the subject of bullying, cyber bullying, anger, tolerance and what to do when you are having a bad day.

OPEN THE DOOR offers: honesty, tolerance, communication and the search for common ground as alternatives to the use of bullying or violence as an expression of anger.

OPEN THE DOOR does not pretend to give all the answers and solutions. Its main objectives are to start the students talking and let them know that they have choices when they are angry or in a difficult situation.

OPEN THE DOOR wants to remind the students there are consequences to everything they do. A kind word of encouragement or a simple handshake can change someone’s life.

OPEN THE DOOR is an interactive presentation that uses 12 to 18 children as an integral part of the performance. Teachers are asked to select students from each grade who will be attending the presentation to participate on stage with Scot. Scot will meet with the students 30 minutes prior to the start of the show.

The major objectives of OPEN THE DOOR are:
1.) Stop, Listen, Think, and Talk
2.) Think before you TALK & think before you CLICK.
3.) Once you push, hit or call someone a name, you can never take it back.
4.) Once you smile, take time to talk or give encouragement you have a new friend.
5.) When You Are Angry – OPEN THE DOOR – tell someone what is wrong! If you do not know what is wrong, ask someone – that is what your friends, parents and teachers are for.

Scot uses his emotional struggle overcoming a childhood speech problem along with his years of teaching, performing, and being a foster-adoptive parent as his resources for this program. All he wants the children to learn how to do is……..OPEN THE DOOR!

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