The Gift Inside (K-6)

The Gift Inside is a pantomime and music presentation about a boy who could not talk, only a voice deep inside that would sing. He worked so hard to try and find his voice that he fell asleep for ten years. The performance begins in December as the boy is waking up from his long slumber. With no memory of what the holidays mean, he is guided by a voice on a journey to learn about the holidays.

The journey brings him to a shopping mall where he meets a homeless family. He enters both a Christian and a Jewish home to see their traditions. The Gift Inside concludes when he realizes the homeless family needs more attention than the search for his voice or the journey to understand the holidays. His discovery of giving of himself turns out to be the final step to find his voice and learn the true meaning of the holidays.

The program culminates with an interactive discussion. One of the activities included in the study guide for this show asks the children to make a list of gifts that would not cost them money. This will enhance the meaning of The Gift Inside.

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