We Care (K-6)

Elementary School Audiences

We Care is a mime & music presentation. Scot begins in make up and brings the audience through a series of fast paced skits. On the surface it seems like just another wonderful time for everyone. Scot then removes his make up and lets the audience see who he really is and why he is there. There was more than what just meets the eye in those skits. Scot talks about his speech problems growing up, tolerance, differences & how to……

“Save Someone’s Day”

A kind word, an extra moment spent with someone or a simple wave can change a bad day. These simple things we all need. They can be remembered for a lifetime. It can be the defining moment when attitudes change and a new life begins. Scot uses the skits he did to reinforce his simple lesson of kindness.

Watch excerpts from “We Care”

Scot always ends with his 5 minute mime lesson that will stick right next to the simple lesson he came to teach.


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